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Branches or roots from my neighbour’s tree are growing over my boundary. What can I do?  Under ‘common law’, you may be able to prune branches and roots which grow over your boundary. However, you also have a legal duty to take ‘reasonable care’ whilst undertaking any works and you may be liable if you damage the tree or cause it to become unstable. It is therefo...
 24/11/2015      08:11
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I am worried that my neighbour’s tree is dangerous. What should I do?  If a tree growing on someone else’s land causes injury to someone or damage to property then the owner may be liable. If you think your neighbour’s tree might be dangerous then you should contact an arboricultural consultant for further advice. It is always best to settle a d...
 24/11/2015      08:22
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My boss picked me up on using a phone in the tree, my saw wasn’t running and I was stationary in a s  Using a mobile phone up a tree during an AA Approved Contractor assessment then would not in itself result in failure unless a clear and present danger was apparent as a consequence. Arborists do use phones up trees and, whilst it may not always be ideal, there may be justi...
 25/11/2015      07:30
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Directory of UK Arboricultural education and training providers  Arboricultural Education This directory provides contact details for educational establishments and independent providers, intended for the use of persons considering a career working with amenity trees and shrubs, or those individuals who wish to further their knowledge a...
 28/04/2016      11:32
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Tree Species Selection for Green Infrastructure: A Guide for Specifiers  Author: Tree and Design Action Group How can we improve species selection so that we can provide our towns and cities with diverse and resilient palette of trees that are capable of thriving in challenging urban environments? This guide offers for the first time in the ...
 14/02/2019      13:48
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So what actions can contractors take to ensure compliance to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981?  A few things that contractors should consider putting in place: Tool box talk in regards to nesting birds: what to look for and what to do if there is nesting activity within the trees or vegetation being worked on. Record on all pre-works wildlife assessments e.g. ‘no nest...
 24/11/2015      09:07
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How do I select the right Tree Surgeon?  1   When making an appointment with an ARB Approved Contractor clients should advise the contractor whether advice on trees is required, or if a specification for works already exists against which the contractor’s quotation is sought 2   Clients are advised to obtain mor...
 12/12/2015      19:32
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Biosecurity Awareness Video Series  Following the success of our 2017 Conference, ‘ Biosecurity: Protect & Survive ’, where His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales provided the opening address, the Association is releasing a series of videos featuring prominent figures highlighting the importance of various as...
 02/11/2017      15:57
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What should I do if tree roots cause cracks in my driveway or drains and does it mean that my house   Tree roots typically grow close to the surface, and it is not uncommon for them to develop on the underside of hard surfaces such as driveways, which can lead to cracks developing through physical pressure. This damage is frequently superficial, and there is a range of option...
 23/11/2015      16:52
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Choosing your Arborist (Tree Surgeon)  Choosing your Arborist (Tree Surgeon) Find your nearest ARB Approved Arborist (Tree Surgeon) GOOD CLIMBING PRACTICE BAD CLIMBING PRACTICE If tree work is not done properly it could lead to: INJURY to people * DAMAGE to property * SERIOUS HARM to ...
 02/12/2015      15:39
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