Aims and Vision

Our Values

Our vision is that by 2020: We will raise the profile of our industry through promotion of the associations activities to such an extent that our expertise and resources are increasingly valued, understood and where appropriate utilised or specified as part of common practice.

The AA’s Values


We will work with partners to raise the profile of the industry, inform the public and persuade those with influence and decision-making authority that amenity trees must become a publicly supported priority in the UK’s environmental planning and policy pre-and post-Brexit.


We will publicise and promote our achievements in the sector so that they are noticed by our peers, the public and government; we will identify, share and promote best practice wherever benefit can be delivered.


We will be at the cutting edge of tree knowledge, set the agenda for trees in the built environment and show leadership on how best to care for and manage amenity trees.


We will provide a pool of expertise, with access to information and knowledge, monitored to ensure standards are upheld. We will measure our performance, evaluate how we work, where we need to improve and how we may achieve that.


As a self-funding group of professionals, we retain an independent voice. Free to influence decision makers and challenge actions and policy that falls short.