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AA Registered Consultants

For any consultant, applying to be part of the Arboricultural Association’s Registered Consultancy (AARC) Scheme is both a commitment and an achievement: the scheme is recognised throughout the industry and beyond as being at the top of the profession.

In order to become an AARC, individuals must first reach the prerequisite level in qualifications and study and also be able to demonstrate a clear understanding and working knowledge of arboriculture and how it is applied practically in a variety of situations. The awarding of AARC status to an industry professional – whether a consultant or, for example, a tree officer – is made following a rigorous assessment process: all applicants must meet the required business and professional standards.

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ARB Approved Contractors

Nearly 40 years ago the AA established its Approved Contractor Scheme to set the standard for tree work – an industry not regulated by government but one that cares for the largest living organisms on the planet in some of the most hostile growing environments.

In 2012 the scheme attained ISO 9001 (UKAS) accreditation in recognition of its quality management systems and is now a registered member of SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement forum, the ‘umbrella’ organisation for recognised health & safety schemes in the UK.) This brings further acceptance and credibility to its scheme members as the national standard for arboricultural contracting businesses.

The ARB Approved Contractor scheme offers a recognised benchmark for arboricultural contracting throughout the UK and Ireland and is increasingly required by Local Authorities and other large commercial organisations. ARB Approved Contractor is also of benefit in the domestic sector as a quality mark assuring the client of good quality tree care undertaken safely and efficiently.

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Utility Approved Contractors

Utilities covers Waterways
Utilities covers Highways
Utilities covers Railways
Utilities covers Electricity
Utilities covers Telecommunications

The new Utility Approved Contractor Scheme, seeks to supplement existing compliance standards, e.g. RISQs for the Rail network, but is assessed by arboricultural utility industry specialists and hence adds value to the process. Utility Approved Contractor status can be achieved by undertaking an annual assessment and audit taking account of supporting procedures, on site activities, staff and associated technical knowledge, compliance with industry technical standards and standard / quality of completed works (by reference to BS 3998: 2010 – Recommendations for Tree Work where relevant.)

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