Georgi Ennis

I like the fact that everyone loves to teach or learn new skills. In general, people in this community want to develop either on the science side or the practical climbing/working side. It’s always nice trying something new and finding things that work better when you’re climbing and working.

Tracy Clarke

I have worked as an arboriculturist for over twenty years. I consider myself fortunate to have worked closely in my career with some very enthusiastic arboriculturists, are great thinkers and doers who have supported and believed in me, and I have also made a point of fully embracing all new opportunities that come my way in my career so that I can continue to challenge myself.

Emma Schaffert

I am so proud to be working to protect and preserve these amazing organisms. It’s so important to be content in the work that you do, and I’ve found arboriculture a highly rewarding industry to be working in.”

Colleen O’Sullivan

“My work varies dramatically and that’s what I like the most about it. Some days I’m commenting on new national tree policies and others I am responding to a fallen limb on the highway.”

Jess Denney

“Seeing the fantastic achievements of other women in the Arboriculture industry and seeing them undertake work which defies typical expectations also made me want to get involved. It truly is commendable how far women have come in this industry and the great things they have done to help new research and progress; I knew that I wanted to get involved and be like them.”

Women in Arboriculture

The Women in Arboriculture Group aims to support and champion women in the tree care industry while collaborating to encourage a culture change and greater diversity. The group welcomes views, ideas and constructive comments from anyone in the industry.

Promoting Diversity

Diversity has a vital role to play in raising the profile of arboriculture. By sharing experiences, we hope to encourage more people to seek a career in arboriculture.

Sharing Knowledge

As there is no set path into the industry, the route you take is completely up to you. Qualifications and training ranges from apprenticeships to masters degrees, there’s an option for everyone. One thing is for certain, you will never stop learning!

Providing Support

Supporting and offering guidance to those with less experience is crucial, so we’ve developed a forum for you to ask questions and share knowledge


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