Foundation Grade Membership

Foundation membership is the ideal grade for anyone looking to keep in touch with arboriculture.

Ideal for tree or landowners, or those employed in related industries, Foundation membership would give you access to the latest news and developments, professional technical advice and is a great way of keeping in touch with the industry and amenity tree issues.

Who can join at this grade?

There are no requirements other than an interest in trees.

How much does it cost?

Foundation Membership costs £65 per year for UK members.

You can pay in several ways, including monthly Direct Debit and card payment.

Please note our membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December, so if you join midway through the year, your fee will be prorated to the nearest quarter year rate. Members joining in December will pay for the next year and receive December free. Overseas members will be charged a small additional shipping fee included in their membership rate.

What do I get?

Foundation Members will receive four ARB Magazines a year as well as bi-monthly e-News bulletins, free access to the Annual ARB Show and full access to discounts in the Member Benefits Catalogue.

Foundation members are also entitled to free advice from our Technical Officers, who are on hand to advise on anything from TPOs, to health and safety and best practice

Please note that Foundation members do not receive discounts on training courses and the AA Amenity Conference or access to the Arboricultural Journal.

Does this count towards membership/grade progression?

Foundation membership does not count towards grade progression, but gives you access to a number of key resources.

How do I maintain my membership?

All members must follow our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, but there are no obligations to carry out CPD activities for Foundation members.

You will be invited to renew your membership from November each year, ready for the new membership year commencing 1st January.

How can I demonstrate my membership?

After your membership application is confirmed you’ll receive your welcome pack which will include your official Membership Card for the year.

How will this help me in the industry?

As a Foundation member you will be kept up to date on industry developments and best practice via eNews and the ARB Magazine, but if you are looking to advance your career and knowledge then a higher grade of membership would be suitable for you.

Are there any additional options to my membership?

Utility Arboriculture Group (UAG): You are able to sign up for free ‘Virtual' Utility membership. Virtual Utility members are kept up to date with the latest industry safety bulletins and advice via email.

Members can also choose Full Utility membership. The Utility Arboriculture Group aim to raise consistency in the level and standards of both tree work and safety nationwide, and its members will have access to minutes and the opportunity to be part of consultation on significant issues. Full members will be kept informed  about health and safety bulletins and latest standards, and are able to vote in UAG Core group elections. If you have a passion and an interest in raising and advancing utility tree work standards, you can even stand for election to join the UAG Core group, to help progress and steer their initiatives and work.