Member Benefits

Your Official Publications

Your Official Publications

The ARB Magazine

Your official member publication is an unrivalled resource. One of the most valued benefits, the ARB Magazine brings you the latest news, science, research and opinion quarterly in print and in digital form.

The Arboricultural Journal*

The Journal has been in existence nearly as long as the Association itself. You’ll receive four issues each year and get full online access to the entire back catalogue (online access excludes Ordinary or Corporate membership).

Shortly after joining you’ll receive your login voucher and be able to start reaping the rewards of this essential member publication.

Your Career Progression

Your Career Progression

Arboricultural Association Professional Member


Clear career linked grade progression enables you to attain recognition for your experience with Technician, Professional and Fellow members able to use the qualified grades logos.

Chartered Environmentalist

Chartered Environmentalist

If you are a Professional or Fellow member with a strong environmental focus you could apply to become a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) through the AA.

Check out our web page here for details on how CEnv accreditation can benefit you, and how to apply!

ISA Certified Arborist

International Society of Arboriculture

Becoming an Associate Organisation of the ISA has opened many doors, including giving members the opportunity to attain new qualifications such as TRAQ and the widely recognised Certified Arborist® credential. Apply online at the ISA website and register for the AA Study Programme at www.trees.org.uk/Training

Your Training Discounts

Your Training Discounts*

We hold 100 training courses per year for arborists and tree surgeons. We aim to raise standards of education and knowledge across the industry through our events and training activities.

Members can benefit from up to 35% discount on arboricultural training courses at all levels, covering everything from basic tree inspection skills to Arboricultural consultancy.

The Amenity Conference

You’re entitled to big savings on the National Amenity Conference, the UK’s biggest arboriculture conference, usually held annually.

Trade Supplier Discounts

You now have access to over 50 suppliers offering discounts to AA members on everything from new equipment and insurance to first aid training and security.

Visit the online catalogue here.

Your Support

Your Support

Branch Network

The Arboricultural Association operates a Branch network across the whole of the UK and Ireland. Run by volunteer members, our Branches organise local training events, lectures, seminars and field trips – all on your doorstep!

Check out your local Branches or get involved with your branch, build up your local contacts and meet like-minded individuals. Visit www.trees.org.uk/Branches


Perennial provides AA members with free confidential advice, support and financial assistance to members and their families whether they are working or retired.

Your Profession

Your Profession

We exist to support you. Since 1964 the Arboricultural Association has been here to support and promote professional arborists. Our mission is to promote trees and the professionals who manage them sustainably. We’re striving to raise awareness across the board; inside the industry, in related sectors and now more than ever amongst the wider public.

Committees and Working Groups

You can get involved!

We’re always listening to what our members want and by getting involved with an AA Committee you can help us fulfil our aims and influence the future of arboriculture.

Your Technical Support

Your Technical Support

Free Technical Advice

Need advice on a job or just want to bounce a question off someone?

Our team of Technical Officers are here to help just give them a call on 01242 522152.

Help for Arborists Resources

Help for Arborists is a great library of generic and arb-specific guidance resources available for members to download and use.

How To Get Involved

How To Get Involved

Make your mark on the industry and join one of our committees or working groups focusing on key areas:

  • Arborists Working Group – working to support arborists throughout their careers
  • Consultants Working Group – Pushing consultancy to the next level
  • Utility Arboriculture Group – Supporting the development of the most hazardous of the arboricultural disciplines
  • Education and Training Committee
  • Media and Communications Committee
  • Professional Committee

*Available to certain grades. See Membership Pricing.