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People able to care for your trees are generally either consultants (tree advisors or arboriculturists) or contractors (tree surgeons or arborists).

AA Registered Consultant


Consultants provide specialist opinion on tree health, safety, preservation, trees and buildings, planning and other law. Most Registered Consultants will work nationwide for regular clients or on larger, complex projects…

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ARB Approved Contractor


Contractors, often known as "tree surgeons", provide specialist tree planting, pruning and felling services. Some may also advise on maintenance requirements and pest and disease control…

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Consultant or Contractor?

The following analogy may help you decide if you need an arboricultural consultant or contractor: think of the consultant as a building surveyor, structural engineer or architect and the contractor as the site manager with skilled bricklayers and carpenters.

What do you need to be aware of when looking for a tree surgeon?

Our guide may help you to avoid making a costly mistake, click here to read more.

Are you at risk from a rogue tree surgeon?

Mainly for the Trade:

ARB Approved Contractor climbing tree
The ARB Approved Contractor scheme now provides more work opportunities for more tree surgery contractors than ever before. Assessment criteria and fees vary according to business size –for example the “small business” category is suitable for any tree work business of up to 5 people.
The Standards are broken down into four broad headings or modules, as follows:
Module 1: Site safety (on site operations – including rigging competence)
Module 2: Finished work (pruning, planting, arb knowledge)
Module 3: Office support (customer care, insurance, licences)
Module 4: Health and Safety (regulatory compliance and training).
Visit the ‘Become an ARB Approved Contractor’ page for further details.