Conference Exhibitors 2023

The Arboricultural Association Conference 2023 The UK’s Biggest Arboriculture Conference

56th Arboricultural Association Conference

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A fantastic chance to promote your business and products to interested buyers and decision makers.

Do you want to be part of the UK’s biggest arboriculture conference and showcase your brand in a spectacular new venue? This year’s edition brings a new format and world-class lineup of incredible UK and international speakers covering a wide range of topics relevant to everyone working in arboriculture and related environmental sectors.

The Arboricultural Association Conference is the biggest and longest running annual conference on arboriculture, bringing together arboriculture managers, local authority managers, contractors, educators and professionals from related sectors beyond tree care. It’s a unique opportunity for tree care professionals to make new connections, learn first-hand knowledge from our speakers with interactive workshops sessions, field trips and networking activities.

Exhibitor Plots available

Conference visitors will be looking for:

  • Tree management software and solutions
  • Tree suppliers
  • Planting and other Arboricultural infrastructure accessories
  • Surveying Tools
  • Training
  • Publications
  • And more…

This conference will also attract related sectors such as environmental and ecological professionals.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities


  • Session/Workshop Sponsorship – £500
  • Conference Delegate Lanyard Sponsorship – £1000
  • Conference Delegate Bags Sponsorship – £2000

Advertising Options:

  • Conference Brochure Quarter Page Advert – £90
  • Conference Brochure Half Page Advert – £180
  • Conference Brochure Full Page Advert – £275
  • Single Pop-up Banner – £110
  • Double Pop-up Banner – £190
  • Single Pop-up Banner in Auditorium – £250

Current Exhibitors

Stand 01


Contact: Kenton Rogers
Email: info@treeconomics.co.uk

Treeconomics will be showcasing TreeKeeper, a web-based urban forest management tool, designed to assist arboricultural professionals in managing the day-to-day tasks associated with the urban forest, and the data that supports it. We are pleased to introduce this system to the UK in association with the Davey Resource Group.

Tree Diagnostics
Stand 02

Tree Diagnostics

Contact: Ian Barnes
Email: info@treediagnostics.co.uk

Tree Diagnostics - Importer of specialist products for arboriculture. Including the Cost effective Fakopp range of Tomography systems for wood decay - Arborsonic (Sonic) and ArborElectro - electrical resistance tomography. Tree stability 'Tree Pulls' and Dynamic 'Dynaroot' & 'Dynatree' systems. Full training provided and ongoing support by Arboricultural Consultants. Sub-consultant service available including TreeRadar, Thermal & Drone Surveying.

Stand 03


Contact: Paul Moran
Email: otiss@intrinsica.co.uk

OTISS - Online Tree Inspection Survey System. OTISS is a new approach to surveying trees and outdoor assets. It is built around the use of smart phones, tablets and GPS devices which sync the maps, photos and survey data with the secure OTISS website. The website is used to review and manage the survey data, and to create maps and reports.

Pear Technology
Stand 04

Pear Technology

Contact: Jonathan Smith
Email: info@peartechnology.co.uk
  • Tree Mapping, surveying, reporting and management.
  • Surveys: BS5837, VTA, THREATS, QTRA, TEMPO, outlines or user customised.
  • Ordnance Survey, “topo”/CAD and most common formats.
  • Full training and support.
  • Supply of survey hardware.
  • Free trial and demo available info@peartechnology.co.uk 023 9249 9689
Stand 05


Stand 06


Contact: Rachel Judge
Email: info@ezytreev.com

EZYTREEV: your all-in-one solution for effective and sustainable tree, TPO, and open space asset management.

Holistic data management, Comprehensive inspections and works ordering, Surveys and Risk calculations, Budgeting and resource allocation, Contractor management and efficient Enquiry processing.

EZYTREEV: Your path to greener & healthier environments with data-driven solutions.

Sorbus International Ltd
Stand 07

Sorbus International Ltd

Contact: Thomas Wade
Email: sales@sorbus-intl.co.uk

Sorbus supply specialist products for arboriculture, forestry, utilities, horticulture, landscaping & grounds maintenance. Including the remarkable IML Resi-PD microdrill for wood decay evaluation and the PICUS range for trees including the market leading PICUS 3 sonic tomography system, TreeTronic electrical resistance tomography and TreeMotion Sensor systems. Recently introduced the PICUS Tension drought stress monitoring system gives early warning when trees are under drought.

Green Grid Systems
Stand 08

Green Grid Systems

Contact: Lewis Holmes
Email: sales@greengridsystems.com

Green Grid Systems offer a comprehensive solution for the ongoing preservation of trees. Our RootBridge system helps integrate existing trees into new projects by protecting the sensitive tree roots and providing a support layer for a surface finish.

Stand 09


Contact: Leigh Harris
Email: sales@kaarbontech.co.uk

Delivering software and data solutions for local authority tree management, with over 10 years experience KaarbonTech are committed to sustainability, biodiversity and environmental protection and recognise the crucial role that trees play in our ecosystem.

Stand 10


Contact: Mark Gale
Email: markg@beesmax.org

Have you found a wild bee colony? Do not call a beekeeper. Entrust Tree Bee Rescue to relocate a section of the tree with its colony of honeybees. Help us save our natural unseen assets.

PlanIT Geo
Stand 11

PlanIT Geo

Contact: Katherine Curtis
Email: sales@planitgeo.com

The TreePlotter™ software suite by PlanIT Geo™ sets the standard for tree inventory, ground maintenance, urban parks, and asset management worldwide. Products include INVENTORY, PARKS, CANOPY, and the Development Survey module, based on BS583.

Transoft Solutions UK
Stand 14

Transoft Solutions UK

Contact: Michael Shilton
Email: infouk@transoftsolutions.com

KeyTREE is the essential companion to any tree consultant who needs to quickly create BS5837-compliant tree surveys. KeyTREE allows you to import and present multiple trees into AutoCAD from you own data sheets, mobile surveying equipment or Google Earth.

Summerfield Books
Stand 15

Summerfield Books

Contact: Paul O'Hara
Email: info@summerfieldbooks.com

Summerfield Books is an independent family-run bookseller, specialising in arboriculture, botany and all aspects of natural history. We stock a wide range of titles for the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

Stand 16 & 17

ArborTrack & ArborFlight

Contact: Quentin Nicholls
Email: arbortrack@aol.com
Email: info@arborflight.co.uk

Tree & vegetation management software and Aerial tree & vegetation surveying.

Stand 18


Contact: Roy Partington
Email: info@greenfix.co.uk

Greenfix is the leading designer and supplier of soil stabilisation and erosion control systems in the UK.

John O'Conner Ltd
Stand 19

John O'Conner Ltd

Contact: Nikki Singh-Barmi
Email: info@johnoconner.co.uk

John O'Connor Arboriculture and Consultancy is a 50 year old family business with national coverage delivering a full suite of tree services.