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To support the work of the Association we have three Committees made up of members from across the different working areas. With a wide range of expertise, experience and knowledge these Committees drive through projects to further the strategic aims of the Association

Professional Committee – their remit

  • The professional status of the AA.
  • Oversight of our accreditation schemes- Registered Consultants and ARB Approved Contractors
  • To ensure we adhere to best Arboricultural practice: legislation, codes of practice, etc.
  • To review service provision to practising members.

Media and Communications Committee – their remit

  • To ensure that the way and means by which we communicate with other is as good as it’s possible to be
  • We review Publicity policy and strategy.
  • Input to Arboricultural Association publications: Journal, the ARB Magazine, guidance notes and leaflets
  • Input to:
    • Promotional literature (e.g. membership recruitment literature).
    • The annual amenity conference.
    • The ARB Show.
    • The Association’s website.

Education and Training Committee – their remit

  • To review, advise and influence Arboricultural education, training and research.
  • Input to the development of a programme of events: workshops, seminars etc.
  • The award of the Arboricultural Association research grants.
  • To influence the syllabus and standards of professional examinations.
  • Setting and monitoring standards of Continuing Professional
  • Careers and apprenticeships

Additional Work streams reporting into Professional Committee

  1. Utility – Chair Andrew Gardner
  2. Arborists – Chair Simon Putt
  3. Consultancy – Chair Nick Bolton
  4. Women in Arboriculture – Michelle Ryan