Become an AA Registered Consultant

For any consultant, belonging to the Arboricultural Association’s Registered Consultant (AARC) scheme is both a commitment and an achievement. The scheme is recognised, throughout the industry and beyond, as representing the highest level of attainment for a professional arboricultural consultant.

Benefits of AA Registered Consultancy:

  • Professionalism and reputation
  • An entry in the AARC online directory which has over 2,000 views per month
  • Business opportunities through acquired status
  • Access to the AARC online forum
  • Continued development through attendance at the AARC annual Standards and Development Day
  • Use of AARC logo.

In order to become an AARC, individuals must first reach the prerequisite level in qualifications, study and experience, and be able to demonstrate a clear understanding and working knowledge of arboriculture and how it is practically applied in a variety of situations. The awarding of AARC status to an industry professional – whether a consultant or, for example, a tree officer – is made following a rigorous assessment process. All applicants must meet the required business and professional standards.

Once registered with the scheme, consultants are expected to maintain a high standard of professional practice (as detailed in the Application Guide) and to pay an annual subscription fee, which is currently £765.00 plus VAT. Registered Consultants are also subject to an on-going Quality Assurance Process – see below.

The Application Process

The application process consists of two separate stages:

  1. the submission of a portfolio of reports and supporting information - there are two annual submission dates of 1st March and 1st September - and, if successful;
  2. an interview with the assessors to explore any technical issues and to confirm knowledge and understanding of professional practice and behaviours.

Costs of Application:

Stage a) £350.00 plus VAT

Stage b) £350.00 plus VAT

Below you will find the necessary information and resources to prepare for, and ultimately submit, your application:

Application Guide

The Application Guide provides a detailed description of the Scheme requirements, including the selection of reports and expected timeline for the application process.

Download the Application Guide
Report Writing Guidance

The Report Writing Guidance provides a summary of the key requirements for producing professional arboricultural reports to the standard expected at this level.

Download the Report Writing Guidance
Online Application

The online application consists of 5 simple stages:

Online Application Process

It is recommended that as part of your preparation you collect all the required documents together, ready to upload as requested. However, you can save the application at any point prior to submission and return to it at a later date.

Go to the Online Application
Quality Assurance

Once registered with the scheme, consultants must attend an annual ‘Standards and Development Day’, maintin a minimum of 25 hours CPD per year, and comply with the Scheme’s Quality Assurance process.

Download the Appeals Procedure
Appeals Procedure

Should your application to become an AA Registered Consultant result in an unsuccessful outcome, either at Assessment or at Interview, and you feel that you wish to appeal, the Arboricultural Association has set out an appeal procedure. If you wish to appeal a decision, then please download this document and read it carefully.

Download the Appeals Procedure