Ancient Trees and Planning

Ancient Trees and Planning

January 2024

Ancient Trees and Planning

CPD hours or CEU points available

With Jim Mullholland and Emma Gilmartin

Jim Mullholland

Jim Mullholland

Jim is an ecologist and arboriculturist, with particular interests in veteran trees and bats. He conducts research and dissemination of findings. His current research focuses on measures to improve how trees are surveyed for bats.

He runs his own research and training company, BATS Research and Training, and is a senior bat conservation officer for the Vincent Wildlife Trust.

Emma Gilmartin

Emma Gilmartin

Emma is a plant/ fungal ecologist. With a PhD from Cardiff University, she has contributed to research on wood decay and tree hollowing, veteranisation and saproxylic insect ecology. In her previous role, Emma provided specialist ecological advice, guidance and training. She also worked in a range of external partnerships to drive the conservation of ancient and veteran trees.

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Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is a new requirement for developments to deliver measurable improvements for nature. It will apply to most major developments requiring planning permission in England. The Association are aware of a training need for arboriculturists and other tree professionals on BNG requirements and the biodiversity metric. Please avoid sending a general enquiry but register your interest here for alerts about future BNG training. We will be in touch when we have more details.

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March 2024

Tree careers

With Cecily Withall, Sharon Durdant-Hollamby and Louise Hackett

The Arboricultural Association Women in Arboriculture Working Group presents a special International Women’s Day Webinar 'Tree careers' with Cecily Withal, Sharon Durdant-Hollamby and Louise Hackett.

February 2024

Street Tree Survival in Philadelphia and Canopy Soils

With Levon Bigelow and Korena Mafune

Street trees are important, highly visible components of the urban forest, providing ecosystem services (e.g., shade) directly to communities. Street tree mortality can result in a loss of ecosystem services for which the trees are planted, particularly premature mortality accelerated by local biophysical and human factors. My study involved a systematic, repeated inventory and mortality analysis of street tree populations in Philadelphia, PA.

February 2024

Tilia Trees and Wild Streets

With Dr Carrie Brady, Helene Kile and Ascha Pedersen

Tilia in the limelight: exploring the bacterial microbiome of diseased lime trees

February 2024

Why do we lose so many trees?

With Russell Miller and James Chambers

Why do so many urban trees get felled unnecessarily? This webinar will look at how bad law, poor risk management and weak arboriculture cause premature tree loss; identifying where the law and arboriculture must improve if they are to maintain public confidence through the biodiversity and climate crisis.

January 2024

Tree decay: a few questions still worth asking

With Dr David Lonsdale

David Lonsdale took on the job of leading a research project on decay in amenity trees.

January 2024


With Kristin Moldestad and Olve Lundetræ

Arboricultural Association is hosting a free live seminar featuring Kristin Moldestad and Olve Lundetræ.

Buy Roots here

January 2024

Beating the tree greenwash; my top tips for making urban greening happen

With Jeremy Barrell

Arboricultural Association is hosting a free live seminar featuring Jeremy Barrell.

January 2024

Forests before humans - from the first trees to the Ice ages

With Sir Harry Studholme

How trees evolved, from photosynthesis to the ice age. Their part in the last 380 million years of planetary history.

January 2024

Ancient Trees and Planning

With Jim Mullholland and Emma Gilmartin

Jim Mullholland and Emma Gilmartin joins us for a fascinating webinar centered around veteran trees and planning.

December 2023

Woodlands at War: The Impact and Legacy of WWI and WWII on Britain’s Woodlands

With Clive Mayhew

This webinar focuses on the largely overlooked contribution made by British woodlands over two world wars.

December 2023

Tree Selection for climate resilience

With Henrik Sjöman and Arit Anderson

There is an increasingly positive attitude towards trees and tree planting in urban environments, not only among landscape professionals, but from those who previously did not understand the importance of the urban canopy.

December 2023

Britain’s Ancient Forest - Legacy and Lore

With Julian Hight

Julian explores the story of Britain’s ancient forest told through its remaining ancient trees and surviving customs – living links to our rich history – accompanied by specially written forest music and archive photography.

November 2023

A farmer’s guide to ash dieback

With Eleanor Marks (LEAF) and Berglind Karlsdóttir (Forest Research)

Arboricultural Association is hosting a free live seminar featuring Eleanor Marks (LEAF) and Berglind Karlsdóttir (Forest Research)

November 2023

Thinking Arbs with Ted Green and friends – TREETIME

With Ted Green and friends

To celebrate the launch of his new book Treetime, the Arboricultural Association is hosting a free live seminar featuring Ted Green and some special guests.

Buy Treetime here

February 2023

Trees and Storms

With With Andrew Koeser and Allyson Salisbury

The last in this current webinar series is a FREE live webinar exploring the research around trees and storms.

February 2023

Trees in Development

With Sharon Durdant-Hollamby and Luke Fay

In this webinar we endeavour to delve into trees within the development and construction industry.

February 2023

Trees and the Law

With Dr Charles Mynors and Liz Nicholls

We welcome Dr Charles Mynors and Liz Nicholls to our webinars with talks and discussions around the subject of trees and the law.

January 2023

Guidance on Soil Assessment for Trees

With Claire Harbinson and Simon Parfey

Claire Harbinson and Simon Parfey, from Treework Environmental Practice, join us to discuss Guidance on Soil Assessment for Trees.

January 2023

European tree standards and the dangers of tree planting

With Jarek Kolařík and Martin Tušer

We welcome Jarek Kolařík and Martin Tušer to discuss the benefits and challenges of recent European Standards within tree care.

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