3ATC Results

Thank you to everyone who entered the 2019 3ATC competition sponsored by Haecksler at ARB Show 2019.

Special thanks also to our passionate and dedicated team of volunteer judges and organisers who donate their time to make these events happen.

It was a fantastic competition this year with over 50 climbers taking part across the 3 categories. Some excellent prizes were provided by Haecksler, Arbortec Forestwear, and the Arboricultural Association.

Images ©John Hancock

Premier Results

Place Climber Score
1st Timothe Querlioz 713
2nd Josephine Hedger 794
3rd Sam Smith 839
4th Daniel Campbell 934
5th Ben Batt 965
6th Craig Sturman 1082
7th Henry Warren-Hastings 1438
8th Oliver Perez 1716
9th Sam Muskus 1851

Expert Results

Place Climber Score
1st Robert Cardus 155
2nd Will Strivens 174
3rd Ben Cowell 179
4th Jordan Dickson 212
5th Geoff Peters 237
6th David Judd 269
7th Gary Stoker 269
8th Drew Currans 319
9th Jack Eggerton 289
10th Russel Doherty 296
11th Ben Rees 332
12th Michael Daniels 334
13th Glen Winkle 348
14th Sean Curran 356
15th Katie Faulconbridge 373
16th Chris Lindsey 396
17th Jack Hallatt 403
18th Kirstin Alexander 536

Novice Results

Please Note: The novice event is run on an optimum time basis hence with the final times closest to the target time we set this year.

Optimum Time this year was 452.

Place Climber Score
1st Tom Rowe 448
2nd Andrew Senior 432
3rd Joe Douglass 431
4th Alan Walters 414
5th Andrew Brooks 499
6th Lewis Chilvers 500
7th Elliott Clark 518
8th Sam Spencer 530
9th Seai Beuzeval 365
10th Terence Glanville 353
11th Ben Hewson 340
12th Jamie Coughlan 326
13th Haydn Mason 316
14th Mark Wells 589
15th Rob McLukie 594
16th CLewis Fairth 612
17th Gary Stoker 281
18th Henry Birdsall 277
19th Elan Evans 255
20th Sam Porter 236
21st Henry Melton 286
22nd Marcus Whitwell 290
23rd Callum Ansell 147
24th Polly Burton 656
25th Jo Lemar 778
26th Imogen Hammond 1412

Following several entries from more advanced climbers we are changing the novice category to an optimum time event. We will run the climb and work out what an optimum time would be for a novice climber to carry out the climb correctly and achieve all the stations. This “optimum time” will be kept confidential and at the end of the contest the closest climber to this time will win the event. Unlike the Expert level your climb will not be based on fastest time so should encourage best practice and safe climbing. Your climb will starting from a top station you will complete a number of simple tasks in the canopy before returning to the ground.