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Arboricultural Knowledge - ONLINE




Matthew Cooper

6 hours

Places Available

2 days (09.00 - 12.30) 

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Course Objectives:

By the end of this course you will be able to:​

  •         Understand what arboriculture is and the role of professionals within the industry.
  •         Explain the need for accurate tree identification and a range features that aid identification.
  •         Provide an overview of the physiological processes operating within the tree.
  •         Identify a range of common pruning techniques and explain their purpose.
  •         Describe the role of wood decay fungi.
  •         Show an awareness of current pests, diseases and disorders affecting trees.
  •         Explain basic tree biomechanics.
  •         Show an awareness of the legal framework that dictates and informs tree management.
  •         Provide an overview of good practice for trees on development sites.
  •         Explain how trees may cause damage to buildings.
  •         Follow up relevant topics through further training and other sources of information and advice.

 Who is the course aimed at?

Anyone working within the arboricultural industry that has not benefited from formal academic training

Suitable for those preparing for AA Approved Contractor status

Potential delegates for the Professional Tree Inspection course, to guide their knowledge base to an appropriate level

Those wanting to advance their arboricultural knowledge as part of their career progression

Those entering the industry


This course entitles you to CEU's see this link 

Course Content:

This signposting course, split over two half-day sessions, will allow delegates to revise, re-cap and update their Arboricultural Knowledge across a range of topics.

Course contents

  •         What is Arboriculture?
  •         Tree identification
  •         Tree anatomy and physiology
  •         Tree pruning practices
  •         Principal decay fungi, pests, diseases and disorders
  •         Tree biomechanics
  •         Trees and the law
  •         Trees on development
  •         Trees and buildings
  •         Career progression

Delegates will be provided access to some instructional videos at the end of the first half-day session. When booking, delegates should ensure that they allow sufficient time to watch these (approx. 1.5hr) before the next session; sessions are typically spaced one week apart.


Arboricultural Association attendance certificate

Via Zoom – Please ensure that you have either downloaded the Zoom App, or have an account, and that the audio and camera are in working order. Please see Zoom Tips
Session 1 - Monday 7th October 2024: 09.00 – 12.30
Session 2 - Monday 14th October 2024: 09.00 – 12.30

Module Pre-requisites:

Experience working within the arboricultural industry is desirable but new entrants will also benefit from this course as an introduction to the subject.

Terms of Cancellation or Amendments to details

  • We reserve the right to cancel courses and refund applicants if there is insufficient demand.
  • A FULL charge will be applied to any booking cancelled less than 10 working days before the event.
  • A £30 administration charge may be applied to changes made to bookings that have been received and acknowledged.

For all course bookings outside the UK and Europe, please email training@trees.org.uk