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Bats and trees: Who does what where!  There are currently 18 species of bats resident in the UK, many of which use trees in their daily activities. Just as people use trees for different purposes, different bat species use trees in different ways. Food: The UK’s bats are all insectivorous. As trees encourag...
 19/03/2018      11:22
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Watering young trees in dry weather    Watering Young Trees Young trees need water to survive According to the Met Office rainfall between January and June 2022 was the lowest since 1976. Established mature trees are able to find their own water. However, it is recommended that newly planted trees...
 30/04/2020      17:50
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What should I do to make sure that Bats are not affected?  All British Bat species are protected by law  and many bats roost in trees; although some bat species have adapted to living in buildings, trees still remain important throughout the year for most of the UK’s 16 species. Suitable trees are becoming fewer and further between ...
 24/11/2015      08:33
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How close can I build to my tree?  If the building work proposed requires planning consent, all trees which could potentially be affected by the development (including those off-site) should be assessed by an arboricultural consultant in accordance with  British Standard BS5837:2012 Trees in relation to design...
 23/11/2015      17:04
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How close to my house should a tree be?  In spite of what you may read in newspapers or be told by insurance companies, there are no fixed minimum recommended distances that you should plant trees of certain species from buildings. When choosing a tree or trees to plant, you should give careful consideration to des...
 23/11/2015      16:58
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Can I stop my neighbour building close to my tree?  You may be able to depending on the importance of the tree, the nature of the building proposed and distance between the proposed building and the tree in question. If the building work proposed requires planning consent, all trees which could potentially be affected by the ...
 23/11/2015      16:44
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A brief guide to legislation for trees  The following advice applies to England only and is for guidance purposes only. Some trees are protected by legislation, and it is essential that you establish the legal status of trees prior to carrying out works to them. Unauthorised work to protected trees could lead to pr...
 24/11/2015      15:53
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What is the Helliwell system and how much is a “point”?  The Helliwell System is one of several methods of placing a monetary value on the visual amenity provided by individual trees and/or woodland. It has been extensively used in court cases, insurance claims and public inquiries to place visual amenity values on individual tree...
 24/11/2015      15:34
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Can I get my neighbour to cut back or reduce the height of their trees or hedge?  In most situations the simple answer to this is  no . You have a common law right to prune back parts of a tree or hedge growing over the boundary into your property  (subject to any legal restrictions being overcome first such as Tree Preservation Orders or conservation area...
 23/11/2015      15:36
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Ash Dieback – Practice Guidance  Ash Dieback Guidance for Tree Owners, Managers, Contractors and Consultants Principal Author: Michael Sankus Thanks to the Arboricultural Association Arborist Working Group for their help in developing the guidance Download the PDF WHO is this guide intended for? ...
 26/09/2019      16:36
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