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Urban Tree World Cup 2020

Urban Tree World Cup 2020


A World Cup format 32 tree tournament to crown the ultimate Urban Tree!

Urban Tree World Cup 2020
Winner of the 2020 Urban Tree World Cup – London Plane



London plane wins against our other finalist Dawn redwood with 68% of the votes.

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With the Olympics, Euro 2020, Wimbledon and countless flagship summer sporting events postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Arboricultural Association has launched the first ever World Cup of Urban Trees to fill the void and spark a discussion focused on trees.

View the Urban Tree World Cup 32 Tree Bracket

Each day you can vote on a different match to decide who makes it through to the next round.

Thanks to the Tree and Design Action Group (TDAG), and their fantastic Species Selection Guide; we’ve been able to include detailed infographics with each tree to help you make your choice.

The draw for the first round took place on Monday, with the 32 teams painstakingly selected from the hand-crafted ceremonial wooden bowl by Technical Director John Parker. After the glittering opening ceremony, John announced:

“The Arboricultural Association is excited to be presenting the highlight of the 2020 sporting calendar, the Urban Tree World Cup. Please get involved and make sure that your favourite species makes it all the way to the final, to be held in Stonehouse in May.”

You can watch the draw in full here.

The tournament starts on 8 April with our first fixture the Liriodendron tulipifera (Tulip tree) vs Sorbus aria (Whitebeam) and the first round will be complete 16 days later when Platanus x hispanica (London plane) face the Tilia x europaea (Common lime).

You’ll be able to cast your vote on the Arboricultural Association website each day or on Twitter (follow @ArbAssociation).

The winning tree will be planted in the grounds of the Arboricultural Association headquarters in Stonehouse.

The Tournament

Please click on each tree to reveal more information

Round 1
  • Tulip tree66%
  • Whitebeam34%
  • Pedunculate oak70%
  • Indian bean tree30%
  • Silver birch66%
  • Sycamore34%
  • Callery pear72%
  • Leyland cypress28%
  • Giant sequoia84%
  • Tree of heaven16%
  • Common yew46%
  • Common beech54%
  • Sweet chestnut47%
  • Dawn redwood53%
  • Field maple45%
  • Southern magnolia55%
Round of 16
  • Tulip tree54%
  • Pedunculate oak46%
  • Silver birch84%
  • Callery pear16%
  • Giant sequoia57%
  • Common beech43%
  • Dawn redwood64%
  • Southern magnolia36%
Quarter Finals
  • Tulip tree28%
  • Silver birch72%
  • Giant sequoia49%
  • Dawn redwood51%
  • Silver birch47%
  • Dawn redwood53%

  • Common hawthorn47%
  • London plane53%
Play Off
  • Silver birch57%
  • Common hawthorn43%
  • Dawn redwood38%
  • London plane62%
  • Horse chestnut45%
  • Common hawthorn55%
  • Weeping willow34%
  • London plane66%
Round of 16
  • Rowan44%
  • Horse chestnut56%
  • Maidenhair tree48%
  • Common hawthorn52%
  • Weeping willow63%
  • Hornbeam37%
  • Sweet gum31%
  • London plane69%
Round 1
  • Rowan53%
  • Common walnut47%
  • Horse chestnut59%
  • Black pine41%
  • Maidenhair tree75%
  • Strawberry tree25%
  • Tibetan cherry24%
  • Common hawthorn76%
  • Weeping willow55%
  • Atlas cedar45%
  • Hornbeam62%
  • Apple38%
  • Sweet gum54%
  • Monkey puzzle46%
  • London plane55%
  • Common lime45%

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