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BS3998: 2010 Tree Work Recommendations




Paul Smith

6 hours

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Course Objectives:

Whilst in its 7th year since production, many within the industry still appear to be unfamiliar with the standard and its implications for tree management and tree work operations.

This is a great opportunity to better understand your industry standard, helping you stay ahead of the competition and improve your tree work management advice and recommendations.


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Course Content:

The seminar comprises:

Introduction and Overview – to include: reasons for carrying out tree works, potential consequences of pruning



Natural Target Pruning: minimise damage, the decision making process (Stage 1. Instruction, Stage 2. Planning, Stage 3. Options, Stage 4. Specification, Stage 5. Control of work, Stage 6. Execution of works, and Stage 7. Follow ups), tree work safety and planning, avoiding transmission of pests and pathogens, avoiding damage from tree work operations and site management.


Scheduling Tree Works – to include: risk control, scheduling of work affecting the soil, soil: do you understand it, do you consider it?, scheduling of pruning / phenology, past damage / past management, habitat and wildlife, timing of works, seasonal problems, phased work, veteran trees, management of the rooting environment, mulching, aeration / decompaction, removal / replacement of soil, nutrient deficiencies, other treatments and treatment of contaminated soil.


Pruning and Related Works – to include: minimising the potentially undesirable effects of pruning, deciding where and how much to prune (‘dose’), key principles.


Pruning operations: risk management of deadwood - formative pruning - crown lifting - crown thinning - crown reduction – pollarding. Structural weaknesses and specialised practices.


Tree Works Applications – to include: applying for works to protected trees, specifications / definitions, conditional consent, acceptable levels of pruning and phasing of tree works.


AA ARB Approved Contractor Scheme – to include: relevance to the revised standard, scheme overview, key modules, work site inspection, completed works inspections, customer care / office procedures, H&S management, environmental controls and premises. An industry benchmark.



Arboricultural Association attendance certificate


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