Corporate Login Guidance

There is now a new way to login and manage your membership online...

As a Corporate Member you can now renew and manage your membership online. You are also entitled to training and events discounts for all of your staff members.

To learn how to access these facilities using our new website, please read the instructions below:

Step One:

Decide who your Main Contact will be for your membership. This person will have full access to the Corporate account online and will be able to book courses or events for any colleagues and update and renew online membership. At your discretion you may also choose to nominate two ‘Named Managers’ who will also be able to access these facilities.

Step Two:

Send us the name(s) and email address(es) of your Main Contact and any additional Named Managers to membership@trees.org.uk.

Please note that each email should be unique – i.e. Your Main Contact and Named Managers cannot all have the same email (eg. info@treesurgerycompany.co.uk) It is also recommended that the email addresses are company email addresses rather than personal addresses.

Step Three:

If the chosen Main Contact/Named Manager already has an individual account or login with us, we will link this record to your corporate account.  If not, we will set up access for these individuals and notify them of their new login details via the supplied email addresses.

Step Four:

If you already had an individual account with us, we will let you know when your account has been linked with your corporate account. Once you have received that notification all you need to do is enter your existing credentials and select ‘Login as Business’ to access your corporate account.

Please note: If you didn’t have an account and have been sent a new login, please request a password reset through the website in the first instance (this will create your secure password) and then you can login, making sure to select the ‘Login as Business’ option.

Please note: If you do not select the ‘Login as Business’ option you will enter your own individual account.

Please note: No one else from your business will be able to access your individual account unless you share your credentials with them. Your account and your corporate account remain separate - it is only the login that is shared.

Top Tips:

  • If you ever need to check whether you are logged in as a corporate or as an individual; check the top right hand corner of the screen where your account name is shown. If you are logged in as a business you will see both your name and your company name.
  • You can email us or call us at any time to change main contacts or named managers.
  • When booking individuals on courses please use their individual email address in the delegate information section as this allows the system to tie the booking to any existing records for that individual and to update their individual CPD record.
  • Once you have booked individuals on a course or on an event they are automatically affiliated with your company; so if they login with their own details later on they will automatically receive the corporate training discounts. You can view any affiliated contacts in the My Account section of your corporate account. If you need to remove people from the list, please just let us know.
  • You can see all course bookings for your company in the Courses or Conference tabs in your My Account section of your corporate account. You can download joining instructions from here if your colleagues have lost them and can monitor who has attended what and when.