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How close to my house should a tree be?  In spite of what you may read in newspapers or be told by insurance companies, there are no fixed minimum recommended distances that you should plant trees of certain species from buildings. When choosing a tree or trees to plant, you should give careful consideration to des...
 23/11/2015      16:58
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What should I do to make sure that Bats are not affected?  All British Bat species are protected by law  and many bats roost in trees; although some bat species have adapted to living in buildings, trees still remain important throughout the year for most of the UK’s 16 species. Suitable trees are becoming fewer and further between ...
 24/11/2015      08:33
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What should I do if tree roots cause cracks in my driveway or drains and does it mean that my house   Tree roots typically grow close to the surface, and it is not uncommon for them to develop on the underside of hard surfaces such as driveways, which can lead to cracks developing through physical pressure. This damage is frequently superficial, and there is a range of option...
 23/11/2015      16:52
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Help for arborists  Help for Arborists is a library of generic and arb-specific guidance resources available for members to download and use. ‌ Help for arborists Here you can find generic HSE guidance and also the AA’s arb-specific guidance in the form of templates, proformas and associated ...
 10/12/2015      09:49
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Benefits of Urban Trees    Download the PDF Source
 03/11/2016      14:56
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Talking Trees  Talking Trees is a series of short videos aimed at raising awareness of the benefits of our trees and the professionals who manage them. We talk to leading experts and generally interesting people who answer our questions on what inspired him to work with trees, whether we'r...
 17/11/2017      09:18
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Sustainable Water Management: Trees are part of the solution  Sustainable Water Management: Trees are part of the solution A revised and updated guide produced by the Arboricultural Association and the London Tree Officers Association It is a well-established fact that amenity trees (those found in gardens, parks, on streets and...
 27/07/2023      08:34
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I would like to carry out work to trees on my property, do I need permission?  If your trees are protected by a Tree Preservation Order, or you are within a Conservation Area, or the trees are protected by a condition attached to a planning permission, then you will need consent for the works. Find out if your tree has a TPO More detailed informati...
 24/11/2015      16:07
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Should Ivy be removed from trees For many years, gardeners and arborists alike would, as a matter of common tree maintenance, clear ivy from trees in order to remove the competition for light, water and nutrients, as well as the potential threat of the ivy totally smothering the tree. However, in the light o...
 23/11/2015      15:20
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What is the minimum distance to plant trees from a house?  If the building work proposed requires planning consent, all trees which could potentially be affected by the development (including those off-site) should be assessed by an arboricultural consultant in accordance with British Standard BS5837 Trees in Relation to Construction...
 26/10/2015      15:23
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