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A guide to careers and qualifications  A guide to qualifications and careers A summary of the various ways of starting a career in arboriculture, the qualification structure and career progression can be found in the Associations guidance: Download ‘A Guide to Qualifications and Careers in Arboriculture’ ...
 11/04/2016      09:34
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Directory of UK Arboricultural education and training providers  Arboricultural Education This directory provides contact details for educational establishments and independent providers, intended for the use of persons considering a career working with amenity trees and shrubs, or those individuals who wish to further their knowledge a...
 28/04/2016      11:32
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What practical qualifications and training do I need?  Legal Requirements The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974  and the  Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999  place general duties on employers and the self-employed to provide health and safety information and training.  Provision and Use of Work Equi...
 25/11/2015      09:40
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Qualifications and other initials  table.qual {border:1px solid #d4d4d4;margin:10px 0;width:100%;} .qual thead tr {background: #bfc5c3;color:white;} .qual th {padding:4px 8px;font-weight:bold;font-size:14px;} .qual p {padding:4px 8px;font-size:12px;} @media (min-width:769px) { .col-md-4:nth-child(3n+4) {c...
 12/12/2015      22:02
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Studying Arboriculture  Arborists can attain a host of qualifications, from City & Guilds CS tickets all the way up to Masters and PhDs. Depending on which aspect of managing trees you want to work in you can find out what you need to do here.
 25/03/2019      14:08
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Help for arborists  Help for Arborists is a library of generic and arb-specific guidance resources available for members to download and use. ‌ Help for arborists Here you can find generic HSE guidance and also the AA’s arb-specific guidance in the form of templates, proformas and associated ...
 10/12/2015      09:49
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Do you need any form of training before you can set out traffic management signs and cones on a publ  We strongly advise that tree work contractors undertake appropriate training for all activities they carry out in order to comply with legislation. In this case the New Roads and Street Works Act along with relevant guidance such as the Safety at Street Works and Road Works C...
 25/11/2015      07:26
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What is a Tree Consultant?  A tree (arboricultural) consultant is someone who has gained recognised qualifications and expertise in the care and management of trees - particularly trees in landscape and amenity features, in gardens and parks or other populated settings where they are for the enjoyment a...
 12/12/2015      19:19
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Choosing your Arborist (Tree Surgeon)  Choosing your Arborist (Tree Surgeon) Find your nearest ARB Approved Arborist (Tree Surgeon) GOOD CLIMBING PRACTICE BAD CLIMBING PRACTICE If tree work is not done properly it could lead to: INJURY to people * DAMAGE to property * SERIOUS HARM to ...
 02/12/2015      15:39
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Hiring with Conviction  As part of our continuing work on the issue of succession in arboriculture, the Association is in discussions with the Department for Work and Pensions to look at how we can ensure arboriculture is an attractive and welcoming sector for people with convictions. As a first st...
 29/08/2023      13:41
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