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Where can I find a registered contractor?  If the building work proposed requires planning consent, all trees which could potentially be affected by the development (including those off-site) should be assessed by an arboricultural consultant in accordance with British Standard BS5837 Trees in Relation to Construction...
 27/10/2015      12:53
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Atypical Myopathy Joint Position Statement  Arboricultural Association and British Horse Society joint policy statement on Felling of Sycamore trees in relation to Atypical Myopathy: A statement for arborists and horse owners Introduction This 2022 document is a revision of the previous joint document issued by the ...
 29/01/2018      08:59
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Studying Arboriculture  Arborists can attain a host of qualifications, from City & Guilds CS tickets all the way up to Masters and PhDs. Depending on which aspect of managing trees you want to work in you can find out what you need to do here.
 25/03/2019      14:08
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What are the typical services of an arboricultural contractor?  Services typically required of an arboricultural contractor are: Tree maintenance operations including pruning, and related works to relevant British Standards (see our  Tree Work Terminology  page) Tree planting operations and aftercare/establishment programmes Tree fell...
 12/12/2015      21:43
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I'm worried about the safety of my tree - can a Council's tree officer come and inspect it? If not,   Council Tree Officers are not in post to give independent advice to the public about their trees or to recommend individual contractors or consultants. We advise residents to seek help and advice when they are concerned from professionals who are approved by a recognised body...
 23/11/2015      11:54
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I have a tree which is outside my boundary and not under my control - whose responsibility is it?  The law is very clear with regard to a tree owner’s ‘duty of care’: Legally, the owner of the land is responsible for trees growing on their land. If the tree is growing on Council owned or managed land then you should contact your local Council.
 24/11/2015      08:18
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I do not know who owns a tree, which is causing me concern – who do I contact?  Local Councils do not hold records of land ownership, and therefore cannot advise on the ownership of trees, you should contact the Land Registry who hold details of land ownership. A charge is made for this service.
 24/11/2015      08:26
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When is the bird nest season?  The ‘Bird Nesting Season’ is officially from February until August (Natural England) and it is recommended that vegetation works (tree or hedge cutting) or site clearance should be done outside of the nesting season. However, in reality the nesting period may start before thi...
 24/11/2015      08:39
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Are there any times of year when tree works should not be undertaken?  Ideally tree works should not be undertaken during the spring time period, when the 'sap is rising' to enable the leaves to flush (come out) and photosynthesis to begin, and during the autumn, when the tree is drawing nutrients back into itself from the leaves as they go bro...
 24/11/2015      15:30
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What is a Tree Consultant?  A tree (arboricultural) consultant is someone who has gained recognised qualifications and expertise in the care and management of trees - particularly trees in landscape and amenity features, in gardens and parks or other populated settings where they are for the enjoyment a...
 12/12/2015      19:19
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