Conference Workshop Sessions

Workshop Sessions

This year will see the return of our interactive workshop sessions, led by our speakers to bring you closer to the themes at the heart of the conference. Each afternoon delegates can select one of the following workshops:

Callum Throw

Callum Throw

Modern arboriculture (in the AI era): Beyond touching trees

As we embrace a new technological era, this workshop is an urgent call to explore how generative AI is more than simply an innovation: it is a necessity, transforming the very core of businesses, including arboriculture. In a world where change accelerates daily, staying ahead is challenging, but recognising and embracing the revolutionary power of generative AI is critical. As modern arboriculture evolves, so should our tools and techniques. This workshop provides a preliminary overview of how generative AI tools such as ChatGPT might help redefine how we operate.

Charles Mynors Liz Nicholls

Charles Mynors and
Liz Nicolls

Trees and the law: Ignorance is no excuse

Charles and Liz will deliver a presentation highlighting some current topics, and delegates will have the opportunity to participate in a discussion session.

Howard Booth

Howard Booth

BS 5837: Revision to date and going forward

Workshop to provide an update on the revision of BS 5837. A presentation will outline the process with an insight in to feedback and areas of revision. Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in a discussion session to contribute to the revision process.

Simon Richmond Emma Gilmartin Martin Dobson

Simon Richmond, Emma Gilmartin, Martin Dobson

Registered Consultants Scheme

If you are considering applying to become a Registered Consultant with the Arboricultural Association, or if you would just like to find out more about how the Scheme works and why it is so important to our sector, then join the Association’s Senior Technical Officers Emma Gilmartin and Simon Richmond and Dr Martin Dobson for an in-depth discussion.

Ted Green

Ted Green

An Audience with Ted Green

A chance to discuss trees and Ted’s inimitable views on their care and protection.

Keith Sacre

Keith Sacre

Formative pruning of newly planted trees, why it is necessary and what is to be gained

The workshop will be divided into two sections. The first indoors with a presentation on the theory and practice of formative pruning and why it is necessary. The second will be outdoors working on young trees coupled with discussion and demonstration.

Lotte Dijkstra

Lotte Dijkstra

Urban Forest Storytelling: Workshop Intersectional Belonging in Practice

For many humans, urban forests are nature close to home. For more-than-human beings, urban forests are home. At the same time, engagement with and access to urban forests and their countless benefits are unequal. Quantitative data show how human age, ethnicity, health, and deprivation influence levels of engagement with and time spent in nature. What we don’t know, however, is how intersecting identities impact perceived access to urban forests. Beyond availability and attractiveness, cultivating a sense of belonging seems to play a role in mitigating this unequal access. But what does it mean to belong in an urban forest place? Who belongs?

Arboriculturists are key players in facilitating contact between humans and trees in urban environments. Join this workshop on urban forest storytelling to explore your own understanding of urban forests, how our human and more-than-human stories overlap, and how these stories of lived experiences can help us work towards making urban forests more inclusive for all. The workshop concludes with a moment of story sharing, comparing experiences and taking note of emerging themes and applicable tools.

This workshop is part of ongoing PhD research by Lotte Dijkstra at Newcastle University, exploring the relation between senses of belonging and equitable access to urban forests. The resulting insights and methodology aim to contribute to the intersection of urban forestry, socio-environmental justice and multispecies community engagement and to support fair, healthy and resilient urban forest planning, design and management.

All workshops will run on Monday and Tuesday. Workshops will be run simultaneously, with delegates selecting one workshop each day. Like any conference programme, workshop speakers and content are subject to change. Certain workshops may have maximum numbers, in which case places will be issued on a first come, first served basis. Pre-booking workshops is not possible.