Monday Speakers

Monday 7th September 2020


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Dr Helen Davies

Dr Helen Davies (UK)

Citizen and business attitudes towards urban trees and the ecosystem services they provide
Dr Camilo Ordóñez Barona

Dr Camilo Ordóñez Barona (AUS)

The impact of urban tree removal on the provision of social and ecological benefits
Naomi Zürcher

Naomi Zürcher (SWZ)

Grow a Tree, Grow a Society: lessons from the forest and how its web of relationships can inform enhanced tree care and build social cohesion and well-being
Dr Lorien Nesbitt

Dr Lorien Nesbitt (CAN)

Trees for Everyone? An analysis of urban green equity and green gentrification in North American cities
Robert Northrop

Robert Northrop (USA)

An Ecosystem Approach to Urban Forest Management and Conservation
Dr Liz O’Brien

Dr Liz O’Brien (UK)

Why is evidencing the health and well-being benefits of trees, woods and forests important for the future of treescapes management?
Dr Clare Hall

Dr Clare Hall (UK)

How different types of engagement with trees and greenspace can lead to learning, new knowledge and skills development: A qualitative focus
Dr Jo Barton

Dr Jo Barton (UK)

Identifying key links between perceived biodiversity and mental health
Berglind Karlsdóttir

Berglind Karlsdóttir (UK)

How can technology encourage families to be more active in nature?
Dr Vadim Saraev

Dr Vadim Saraev (UK)

Valuing the Mental Health Benefits of Forests and Trees: How can this be done?